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6’0″ Campbell Brothers 5 fin Bonzer

6’0″ x 19 1/4″ x 2 7/16″

Shaped by the crafty and soft spoken Malcolm Campbell.

Art by the talented Peter St Pierre

Campbell Brothers Bonzer shortboards are the best kept secret in performance surfing. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. We don’t want the queue to get too long.

Luckily this finely foiled surfboard is available via the fancy Surfy Surfy online store: clicky clack

Learn about Bonzer surfboards:

Surf the Bonzer Space Time Continuum

5’7″ x 21 1/4″ x 2 1/2″

Shaped by Malcolm Campbell

Original artwork by Peter St Pierre at Moonlight Glassing.

The Roundnose Mini Light Vehicle Bonzer brings the past, present and future.

Malcolm sez,

The Mini BLV3 utilizes the original Bonzer 3 fin system and the Bonzer Light Vehicle bottom design. This model is a blend of the old and the new, and exist within the timeless zone of the Bonzer Space Time Continuum.

The shape is a combination of one of our early 70′s Australia influenced nose templates, and the thumb tail that we use on the recent Mini Merk Model.

If you are looking to ride something that is extra short, is fast and rides equally well front side or backside; this might be your ticket. The average size for these bulbous babies is 5’4″ to 5’8″, but can handle a few inches in either direction. The overall dimensions are approximately 17 1/4″ in the nose, 21 1/4″ wide, and 16 1/4″ in the tail. Thickness obviously varies with individual preference.

Keep in mind that it’s profile incorporates a medium beak nose and medium to medium trim rails. This model does not, we repeat ‘not’ have the profile of a Hull type board. It is a short board that will paddle well and not catch rails and tip over easily. Short, fast, fun and surprisingly versatile is how it has been described so far.

This featured board is available via the Surfy Surfy online store: clicky
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Campbell Brothers Bonzer Vehicles Be Mindful tee: clicky
Bonzer fins for sale: clicky

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This surfboard is a 7’6″ Campbell Bros 5 fin Bonzer e-wing egg:

7’6″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Campbell Brothers 5 fin Bonzer e-wing egg.
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell.
Airbrush, pinline. 5/4 oz glass job with extra back foot patch.
Wetsanded gloss finish.
FCS Fusion system for the 5 fin Bonzer system. 7″ True Ames Bonzer center fin.
All fins included with this board.
We call this the real speed egg.
Bonzer concaves and fins mean down the line projection. The elevated wing makes the 7’6″ surf like a 7’0″.
This board is available via our online store or in person at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in Leucadia, California.
Support the Campbell Bros, get yourself a  “TV Heads” t-shirt: clicky

Duncan Campbell

Tim Orr in Hawaii emailed this shot of Duncan Campbell with Davey Miller’s trusty 7’7″ that Malcolm shaped in 1989. Tim is going to restoration so Duncan can ride it this winter.
Malcolm made me a 6’8″ version of this board in 1990, it was absolutely magic in Mainland Mexico beachbreak and scored few epic California days on it too.
Not sure photos of mine exist. It was left in the hands of a local ripper kid in the Mexico state of Colima in the late 90’s.
We should probably have Malcolm shape a few of these for stock for the shop for surfers seeking heavy water barrels…
*update: Duncan sez, This is the best 7’7″ I’ve ever had. I have been riding this thing every winter since 1989.
  Campbell Brothers TV Heads t-shirt 

Cosmic Rainbow Quad Fish

6’0″ Rainbow Speedialer

5’10” Rainbow Speedialer

5’8″ Rainbow Speedialer

Surfy Surfy has a new batch of Rainbow Surfboards.
Shaped from the original scan off Rich Pavel’s famous Speedialer quad fish (known as the “Quan” under the Rainbow label). Pre-cuts finished off by Steve Clark.
1st quality glassing and materials by Moonlight Glassing.
Nice and light 4oz s-cloth/4oz volan combo decks. Radical airbrushes framed by tight pinlines by Peter St Pierre.
FCS Fusion fin system (we are using custom FCS quad sets by Jack Jensen in ours).
Gloss and polish!
New Fish in stock online

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