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Original GH Astro Egg

From the attic of Moonlight Glassing, an original Gary Hanel Astro Egg circa 1987.
It’s got some bruises but it’s watertight. Not bad for a 20 year old Clark Foam blank.
Gary Hanel shaped a lot of the Rip Curl stock boards in the 1980s.
Big logos were a must back then. It’s nice to see the original Moonlight logo again. Maybe we should bring that one back?
The GH Astro Bottom organizes the water flow into the fin cluster and adds speed and control.
By the end of the 80s the Freestyle box had gone extinct. It’s a score to find a board with a Freestyle box with the original fin still in it.
This is a nice angle of the Astro Bottom.
Glassed with K-Glass (meaning the brand of fiberglass cloth used).
The dims are basically the same but the two decades refinements to the rocker and foil since this board was shaped are noticeable.
20 years later eggy outlines, astro bottoms and fin systems are still in use in Gary Hanel and Moonlight surfboards.
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Multifin surfboards are here to stay

A mysterious gent named Red Bear sent me this Sunset Surfboards ad from 1983 that ran in Breakout Magazine featuring a young Mark McNaught getting slotted.
Note that Moonlight’s address is the same but with a zip code changed. Listed is a different from now phone number from when the 619 prefix covered north San Diego county.
I like that the tri-fin has a center box and that the quad has four fin boxes, most likely the Freestyle fin system.
The black rail quad has 6 logos on the bottom!
I love the outlines on those boards and of course, the flashy airbrushes.