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Eli Eli O

Eli Mirandon speedlining at Black’s. Photo by David Gray via the Leucadia Project.

The board Eli is riding in the Black’s photo, a 5’11” x 20.5″ x 2.5″ wingless quad fish shaped by Manuel Caro of Mandala Surfboards.

Eli dropped by the shop the other day to show off a board he and his dad shaped and glassed together for his friend Rob Schell. Note the traditional Mirandon family twin pins.

Eli’s custom bamboo fins from 101 Fin Co. for the above board.

Moon Glider

My new 9’0″ Chris Christenson 3 fin glider.

Chris shaped this board out of a beat up, ratty and yellowed blank he had hanging around the shop. He took a pass with his planer and to our surprise the foam was as clean as snow.

I know what you are thinking, that looks like it is going to go straight. And it does! Really fast too. But it actually turns good (there isn’t much margin for error).

Gary Stuber did a fantastic glass job on it with 6 oz and 8 oz volan cloth. Kenny Mann sanded it, Mark Donnellon glossed it and I wetsanded it down to 500 grit. This thing is clean!

Marlin Bacon of 101 Fin Co made and glassed on the bamboo fins. The center box fin is the first bamboo prototype fin Marlin made last year.

I’m having fun on it during these 2 ft hot and glassy January days. Point and shoot!

This board is buttery smooth. It has a great weight under the arm and surfs light and lively. It’s actually a joy to paddle in smooth glassy water. I’m stoked I finally got a glider style surfboard and now I’m looking at 1 foot surf in a whole new light.

We are calling this board the 3 Fin Surfy Glider. If you are interested in getting one too email me for more info.

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