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The Bonzer Surfboard

A Bonzer surfboard is paradoxically retro futuristic. Like watching the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey in 2005. You ride a Bonzer and it’s like, “So this is how they thought we would be surfing by now.” It’s the flying car or jetpack we were promised but somehow never got.

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Toad Kill & Orange Bee

Notes from the underground-

“a comment on my latest baby. was sitting on the couch reading TSJ and noticed simon anderson’s comment about that bzrs have had their day and lost or something like that. now i’ve had a bonzer semi-gun for a few months but really hadn’t had the chance to get the real feel of the design. this quote got me up off the couch (no disrespect to simon. i’ve grown up on thrusters and love them) and since there was some chest high junk down the street i waxed up the new bee to go find out for myself.

blown away by the speed. loved the hold. been rididing fish and singles mostly the past year or so and all of a sudden i felt i could do a full speed round-o again but better and cleaner than on a thruster. no double pump back to the white water. just put it on rail and voooooooooooom. i could hear it.

more surprising is when i snapped a section and let the tail slide down the face a bit. wasn’t expecting that at all but liked the feel of the recovery with the big fin.

came home and the wife asked how it went. my answer- felt like i was surfing like a man.


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