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*Important Update: As of January 2019, I decided not to renew the new lease for the Surfy Surfy brick & mortar surf shop in Leucadia, California.

Thank you to everyone that supported the shop, it was a great 10 years. I made lots of new friends and it was a great experience.

The new shop in our former location stocks Surfy Surfy hats and t-shirts, and I am still operating from the secret underground surfy bunker. If you have any surfy needs to be fulfilled, please send an email.


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About Surfy Surfy:

Howdy Internet Amigos,

I started the world famous Surfy Surfy blog in 2005 with the goal to document the unique surfboards being built at my family surfboard factory, Moonlight Glassing.

Surfy Surfy Logo

The Surfy Surfy blog logo is inspired by the original 1979 Moonlight Glassing logo

Moonlight Glassing was founded in 1979 by four talented craftsmen, emerging from Sunset Surfboards in Encinitas, California.

Peter St Pierre (airbrush/pinlines)

Gary Stuber (glassing)

Kenny Mann (sander – RIP)

Mark Donellon (gloss and polish).

I worked at Moonlight as a sander and polisher for over 20 years.

Forward to 2009, I talked a couple of my longtime surf buddies into investing in my vision of a classic, old school style, brick & mortar surf shop in our funky hometown of Leucadia, California.

Surfy Surfy brick & mortar was a nice little surf shop located in revitalized historic building. The same group later opened up a coffee shop next door, “Coffee Coffee”.

Things to know:

*Surfers who make surfboards are called Surfer Labor.

*All the surfboards sold at Surfy Surfy are made by Surfer Labor in California

*Friends Making Surfboards for Friends is what Surfy Surfy is all about.

Some surfboards pictured on this blog are for sale and some are customs, most are just eye candy for you to enjoy.

7 days of post appear on the main page, explore the archives for all posts.

Thanks for visiting,

J.P. St. Pierre CEO & Janitor of the huge mega-corporation:

Surfy Surfy, Inc.

Surfy Surfy the blog was founded by JP St Pierre in 2005. All original content by JP. Copyright on all original content. 
Thanks for your support!

Moonlight Family

left: Sally St Pierre center: JP St Pierre right: Peter St Pierre