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Surfy Surfy Brick & Mortar 2015 Update

Surf Surfy Surf Shop is located in a historic building in Leucadia, CA
We moved our shop counter to make more room for checking our surfboards and fins.

Look! It’s legendary shaper Hank Byzak.

A batch of performance eggs by Jon Wegener.

Surfy Surfy founder, ceo & janitor and nerd, JP St Pierre looking dorky.

Coffee Coffee!!!

Fancy new bike rack (it’s a fish riding a bike, crazy!)

The patio tree in full bloom. PINK!!!

Our hipsters will make you coffee.

Surfy Surfy & Coffee Coffee are joined, you can walk through the portal.

Coffee fresh roasted by Revolution Roasters.

#coffeeandsurfboards (and rainbows and unicorns).

Howdy Internet Amigos,
Thought I would post a few photos of the brick & mortar Surfy Surfy Surf Shop.
We moved the shop counter to make more room for surfboards.

Our plan for this year is the following:
A. Suck less
B. Stock more surfboards and less pointless stuff.

Currently we have 100 or so surfboards in here. The goal is 200 new boards and 50 used.
We will continue our mission to promote handcrafted surfboards by old guru legends and young up and coming shapers. 
If you are ever cruising the coast highway through funky old Leucadia stop by for a cup of coffee and fondle up some surfboards.


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