Ed Wright Surfboards

Friday, August 23, 2013
We had local legend Ed Wright shape us up three nice longboards.
Ed founded Sunset Surfboards Surf Shop in Encinitas back in the 1960's which served as the inspiration for Surfy Surfy.
Ed used the US Blanks Y Red with dual 1/8" flared stringers.
Not nose riders, Ed designed these to trim and glide and power down the line. 2+1 setup. I saw him surfing his well and knew it was something we should stock in the shop.
Resin tint bottoms, All glassing, sanding, pinlines and gloss and polish by the original Sunset factory crew which became Moonlight Glassing in 1979.
 9'2", 9'4", 9'6"
 (more photos and dims to be updated soon)


  1. sweet. would look better with StuSSy and volcom stickers.

  2. Tim Orr - Pure Life Surfboards HawaiiAugust 23, 2013 at 12:31 PM

    Awesome shapes Mr. Wright!
    Flawless glassing & Craftsmanship Moonlight!
    Dig those stringers!
    Aloha Friday!

  3. Maybe a STP sticker

  4. Not only do those boards look slick, but Ed looks EXACTLY how I want my shaper to look.

  5. Very nice curve and hips. Ed has it going on.

  6. How about a StUsSy sticker on Ed's forehead.(pause)...... Yes. That would work.

  7. Ed is looking pretty darn dapper with them boards, so pretty and clean, makes ya want to run right down to Surfysurfy to see them puppies. Paz, taco's & olas.Doug

  8. I saw Stussy kick Schroff is the crotch in a car park. Stussy broke his toe. Schroff was wearing a cup made by Nike. Stussy was wearing reebok pumps footwear.
    both were upset because their hair was out of place and someone's glacier glasses got scratched. then they both went to the premiere of the movie "to Live and Die in LA". It is their favorite movie.
    the rest is history.


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