Custom Surfboard

Thursday, June 20, 2013


  1. Exhibit A in the US vs China, First District Court of Surfboard Making.

  2. Wow, this board was seriously premeditated. But I say nothing wrong with Malcolm's standard rails.

  3. Everyone who had a hand in the creation of this fine surf craft nailed it! Sorry I didn't bring the board back for the photo shoot JP, it was begging to get in the water. These pics I took are a little funky, you would have worked your magic as the master of surfboard photography.

    Its true, nothing wrong with the standard rails a Russ Short comes with but these ones came out real nice, almost a sloped rail with plenty of foam left under the chest at 2 5/8". I decided the width before I handed in the order card.

    Cheers JP! 19 1/2" hahaha ;)

  4. A lotta thought went into that puppy, it came out looking cool and it sounds like HARRY is stoked so thats great, a win win @ surfy surfy. Peace, taco's & olas. Doug

  5. who ever did this must of been Real taped off?!! ;)


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