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Sunday, February 17, 2013

From Peter St Pierre's Instgram @tapedoff

"Cleaning out the loft found this sailboard from the 80's. We won the speed trials at the Ponds with it. Shaped by Dan Van Zanten ridden by Jeff King. That thing was so fun to ride at the Ponds high wind and smooth water. 
 Its 12' long, we never used any other measurements. We needed to make a big board because we knew the wind would be flukey with lots of holes due to weather conditions. We had five guys in the shaping room trying to agree on a outline. The blank had so many lines drawn on it you couldn't see anything so I grabbed a role of tape and just pulled a line. Jeff said that's it, so we cut that side out flipped the bone and drew the other side. Done deal. The European contingent with all their high tech composite boards were laughing at us when I took it off my car. But Jeff shut them up by winning the event."


  1. Cool, where's the fin placement/size?

  2. that really belongs in a museum.....interesting piece of history and the builders art....


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