1971 3 Fin Surfboard

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Malcolm Campbell with 1971 Bonzer3 and 2012 replica

Original sketch of the 2nd Bonzer the Campbell Brothers made. 

Duncan & Malcolm Campbell pioneering the modern performance surfboard. 

Duncan managed to hang onto the original fin all these years. 

No concaves...yet. 

Daniel Jones giving it a go in Hawaii, December 2012


  1. When board designs included the fin designed for them to bring that design to its highest level .

    One of the very few doing this today .

  2. That thing is sick. Beautiful reproduction of the introduction.

  3. really nice.
    I think the wax installer need to be noted on this one.

  4. What an awesome board! Man, lucky Daniel getting to shred around on it...so awesome!

  5. Waaay cool and infinitely mind altering!
    Love Bonzer history.
    Stoke & aloha from Big Island

  6. I'm curious about the removable bonzer3 runners depicted in the 1971 drawing. The Campbell bros. not only pioneering the multi, toe-in fin but also helping to pioneer fin systems. So ahead of the times.

  7. Another awesome Bonzer configuration, How much for that beauty replica ? Thanks Malcolm, we love you !!!!!!!!


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