Blue Ham

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jim Phillips "Magic Ham"
9'3" x 22 3/4" x 2 7/8"
16 1/2" nose x 17" tail
This is a stock board at Surfy Surfy.
You know you are on this one...
*this board is SOLD, thanks! 


  1. I don't know who I am but this board could help me find myself.

  2. Super solid stringer!
    Love the wood grain...must of been fun to shape!
    Expert resin tint cutlaps. No need for pinlines on this beauty! Bravo Mr. Phillips & Moonlight Glassing! Superb.
    Peace & aloha from Big Island,...say "Hi" to Randy for me. Nice job!

  3. Blue should be Blue Beauty.

  4. as always a quality surfboard well done shaper and glasser

  5. If this was a green would be mine.....


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