7'6" GH

Thursday, January 03, 2013
7'6" Gary Hanel "Astro Egg"
2+1 setup. Brick resin tint with Volan deck patch for the bros with bony feet.
Wetsand gloss/matte finish.
Another fine surfboard by the crew at Moonlight Glassing.
This is a stock board at Shurfy Shurfy Shurf Shop 'cause this is the stuff we like.
*this board is SOLD, thanks!


  1. what center fin you recommending for this board?

    1. Skip Frye 7.5 with 3 inch sides... if you want stay true and cruise and glide!


      Go the thruster set either Gerry Lopez gl1 ..... Harley Ingleby HI 1 both with Box rear fins no need for adaptor . GL more upright Hi larger base more drive !

      * Just to do your head in as a single fin the 8.5 almond joy fin !
      The versatility of the mid length egg !

  2. best bet is some type of 6" or 7" cut out forward in the box if you want it loose and responsive. They also make adapters to use a thruster center fin now.


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