Custom Paipo Bonzer

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Here is a cool little machine. A custom paipo 5 fin Bonzer shaped by Malcolm Campbell.
Dims: 4'3" x 21" x 2 9/16"
See also The Paipo Society


  1. Paipo's are rad...James Mitchell from Los Olas Surfboards / Sunset Shapers in SF custom shaped a Paipo for me a year and a 1/2 ago and it is super awesome, real fun ride (both prone and stand up).

  2. Super rad Malcolm!
    Cool little unit...looks skatey!
    Peace & aloha from Big Island

  3. Shaping for belly, riding with feet.
    This surfboard looks incredibly fun.

  4. (i mean riding every which way)

  5. incorrect !!! this is a BONZER SIMZ ! ;-]

  6. Malcom this is a excelent example of piapo magic,thank you for your skill.

  7. Dropnin13

    Owner of above Bonzer. This is my first Bonzer by Malcom. McCystryl shaped my first one then one by Eaton.
    The board ride great, fast etc. Took out the center fin per R. Moynier and created a hole new board. Turns on a dime climbs and drives like no other.

  8. Dropnin13, so you like even better w/out the center fin or just different like both same???

  9. I don't know quite yet. The waves down here are not cooperating. Without the center fin it's a whole new ride; completely different. I love the way it turns, but it does have a tendency to side slip a little. I'm going to experiment with a 2 3/4" center fin like the side fins on my Eaton. Get back to you later.

    1. How is this thing riding? You are standing up correct? I would like to order something similar...Is it side slipping too much? Thank you! Real cool!


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