GH's shed: 1990's mini-guns

Tuesday, November 06, 2012
GH pulled these out of the shed the other morning.
GH shaped these pintails for son #3 of 4, Peter Hanel in the 90's.

Cool 2+1 4 channel. 
Anyone got a wax comb and a Pickle? 
Early prototype Lokbox fin system. 

A little clean up and these boards are ready for more barrels with the grandkids.


  1. ...hello man, long time; those prototypes look with better hold than the production ones...

  2. Any chance you would like to sell one of those guns GH???

  3. more importantly.....How's the Granddaughter?

  4. Avery has been undergoing a mild version of chemo therapy and is starting to see positive results. The Hanel family thanks all for their support and prayers.

  5. GH it's time for a new board, let's hook up. Your Bro... "Soul Surf Team"


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