Turn Japanese with Cyber wetsuits & Surfy Surfy on Oct 20th

Monday, October 15, 2012
Konnichiwa Surfy amigos,
It's time to get custom fitted for Cyber wetsuits this Saturday, October 20th 10am-3pm
The Cyber crew will be in house with their measuring tapes. You pick the model, features and colors, they take your measurements tailor style, send your dims to Japan and 4-5 weeks later your new custom fitted made in Japan wetsuit arrives in the mail (pick up at Surfy Surfy).
If you have trouble finding stock wetsuits that fit properly this event is for you. The buttery soft comfort of these suits is amazing.
$100 deposit is required. These suits run $450-500 average.

Cyber wetsuits are good for keeping warm in the tube and fighting radioactive monsters. Check out the models online: cybersuits


  1. The Ninja Turtle neck is rad!

  2. So freaking ho dangy!! Whoa.


    1. is ho dangy !! somtin like BITCHEN ?

  3. Japan wants your job.

  4. How warm are these compared to the Japanese Axxe suits?

  5. Wish the cyper wetsuit company would come in and do the fittings a bit early in the year, maybe early Sept as by the time you get the suit you ordered winter is for the most part over. Peace, taco's & warm wetsuit Doug


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