Custom 5 fin GH Pill

Friday, April 27, 2012
The first Bonzer Pill from Gary Hanel.
Let's call it the Pillzer.
5'7" x ? x ? Summer mush beware!
Color work by Peter St Pierre.
Another fine build by the crew at Moonlight Glassing.


  1. That's ah hard 1 to swallow.

  2. Teddy Rupskin called and wants his board back.

  3. JP. Thats one real pretty looking board, your pa & GH both did a outstanding job as well of the rest of the moonbase crew. Have fun and stay wet. Peace, taco's & olas.Doug

  4. Stoked to be on a mush blaster with the control of the Bonzer system.
    Going to put a 7" Bonzer in it, felt a little slippy on cutbacks with that wide tail.
    Kinda going thru a non-slide phase right now. Want to carve.
    Color work inspired by my 4 year old's pajamas.


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