Daily Dale in Guinness Book of World Records

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dale's epic surfing streak is proudly listed right next to Most Entrants at a Bog Snorkeling Championship.

Guinness Book of World Records
Surfing Magazine Interview
*New-Sports Illustrated

*note-Dale has not taken a day off from surfing yet...


  1. yeah, but 146 people went snorkeling in the UK!
    seriously….Dale is my hero!

  2. Hey Dale !
    Did you surf today ?

  3. Dale would have a hard time with that feat over here on Folly Beach.

  4. Dale is the ultimate surfer!


  5. That is a rather large kidney stone.

  6. You can always ask Dale "how was the surf today" and he will always have an answer. GO Dale!!

  7. You have you caught some flak for this. Do you think some people look at it as a publicity mission instead of a surfing mission?
    Well, I don’t know about that. But it's just becoming some kind of a target that people have to compare themselves to or be better than or get more waves. It's just ridiculous how I can be treated sometimes by these people who seem like they're trying to give me lessons on how not to surf. I'm sure you've seen the same phenomena that I have. The last few years there've been more and more of these molded, third world boards, and people just leaping lizard, splash dancing, whoopdy-whoo, surfing. And they can catch anything but they can't finish a wave. And I have to surf against all these people that are just splashdancing kooks. And I have to share waves with people who won't share waves with me. I have to keep away from people who won't keep away from me. They paddle right up next to you and catch the wave you were waiting for. It's just no rules, no respect, free-for-all surfing. And that to me is the biggest reason why I'm quitting.

    Certainly sounds like you are finally going to quit . . .
    Well, what else could I do? Get a molded board and instead of fighting them, join them? I guess I could do that. But to me it's just ridiculous to go out and be treated like a kook by somebody who . . .who can KICK MY ASS! Yeah, they can kick my ass, but they can't kick out. [laughs] And d that whole thing that’s' happening in surfing right now is just so disgusting to me: that people don’t know how to share, they've gotten so bad ass that kicking someone else's ass is more important than getting a good ride. You know, a lot of people can outsurf me but I've never met anyone that can outshare me.

  8. Thank You one and all!

    Today was 11,922 days in a row surfing
    The waves were great today glassy 4 foot with rain
    My 4 year old Campbell Brothers Bonzer glassed at Moonlight is still in Great shape! Thanks Moonlight
    The new "Sports Illustrated" back page has a little story about my 'quest' this week April 24~30

    All the best!

  9. save a tree~
    read the story here~
    (don't miss the story behind the story link)



  10. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. !


  11. correct link:


  12. shoot, mine got truncated too! just go there and search under Dale Webster


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