6’0″ Da Vinci Code UNI 


cool surfboard art by Peter St Pierre
we call this theme the “Da Vinci code”
shape by Mike Slingerland
this is the UNI model = universal

9’1″ Velzy from ’91


This nice 9’1″ Velzy was shaped custom in 1991. Classic outline looking classy with 3 stringers and tailblock.

It was ridden a fair bit, mild denting across the deck, a few dings professionally repaired here and there. 

It’s up for sale at the shop, difficult to appraise, its value isnt monetary.


Surfy Stock UNI’s 


The UNI model is a Surfy favorite.
Shaped by Mike Slingerland in Encinitas, CA.
Airbrushes by Peter St Pierre at Moonlight Glassing.
yellowy board is 5’6″
bluey is 5’8″

9’2″ Christenson West Side 



Interesting how that kelpy resin tint changes color as the light changed on this rainy day.

This is the Chris Christenson West Side model, it’s like his Bonneville model but with a narrower nose and tail.

It looks good on the Internet, even more amazing in real life.