DK Surfy Fish (with Burchy)


DK_Surfy_Fish dk_surfy_fishy_fishy
ryan_burch_fish_highlineOur long lost adopted son of Surfy Surfy, Dennis Kane is making us surfboards again.

DK has always had a knack for the Twin Keel Fish so that’s what we got.

Handshaped and glassed by DK, these boards feature the first batch with our new Surfy Surfy Surfboards logo.

We got a 5’5″, 5’7″ and 5’9″

Proper Twin Keel Fish surfing technique demonstrated by Ryan Burch (shaped and glassed by himself).

It’s all one big happy family here in the Surfy’verse,  join the the Fish movement! (again).

Surfy Fins back in stock


Check it out amigos, Surfy Surfy fins are back in stock!

We got our Surfy “Alpha 4’s” which is our version of the Greenough 4A with a fuller tip.

The Alpha 4 has moderate flex, we didn’t want this fin too twangy so you can surf it with some power.

We also have Surfy Surfy branded Bonzer fins back in stock.

Check out the Surfy Fin page on our online store (please forgive our lame product shots, we will update those soon)


Surfy Surfy fins are made by Fins Unlimited in Encinitas, California.